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The leaf of stevia plant is steeped and processed to get Reb-A gives sweetness of zero cal marvel

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SVITEN: The Natural Sweetener


Nutrients from earth, water and sunrise makes stevia plant grow sweeter day by day.The magic of nature has worked and created a wonderful sweet tasting leaf. The leaf of stevia plant is steeped and processed to get Reb-A, which gives sweetness of zero calorie marvel.

Presently it is been used in countries like Paraguay, Japan, USA, China, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and now INDIA.

SVITEN is available in
1. Tablet form packed in dispenser
2. 1gm sachet
3. Low cal diet sugar in 1gm sachet and pack of 200gm jar.

Sugar 250gm= 1040 cal SVITEN 1gm = 0.00 cal.

A Single tablet of Stevia is as sweet as 2 teaspoons of Sugar.

Add to your taste just before consumption.


1. What is SVITEN natural sweetener?
SVITEN is the brand name for zero calorie; natural sweetener, made from Reb-A, the best tasting part of stevia leaf.

2. What is stevia?
Stevia is a plant (member of the chrysanthemum family), native of north eastern Paraguay. It has been in use since more than 200 years. It is 250-300 times sweeter than sugar.

3. What are the benefits of natural/ artificial sweetener?
SVITEN is a nature born sweetener as compared to artificial sweeteners. It is a great tasting, natural sweetener, with zero calorie and has no side effects as against artificial sweeteners.

4. Does research support the safe use of SVITEN?
An extensive more than 85 studies exist for Reb-A, which supports Reb-A use as tabletop sweetener.

5. How can SVITEN help in weight management?
SVITEN has zero calories and helps in nutritional management by lowering carbohydrate intake.

6. Who all can use SVITEN?
Diabetics, Sports person, Health conscious, pregnant ladies, all age groups.

7. What are the other uses of stevia?
It can be used in food, beverages, making sweets, juices, confectionary products etc..


STEVIA is now approved by
1. Us FDA
2. European food safety authority (EFSA)
3. FAO/WHO expert committee on food additives (JECFA)
4. Health Canada
5. FSSAI India


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